Monday, 24 October 2011

6 weeks to go!

Having spent part of the weekend walking and running the Watlington 10k course i can confirm it's looking really magical at this time of year. Starting with the tree fringed Ridgeway section along towards the M40 you can really see the season changing as green is replaced by brown, copper and gold. Heading up the first big climb, forcing the fresh cold air through your lungs you can glance back at the Oxfordshire plain as you pause at the top gate, your aching legs welcoming the short break. Then into the steep wooded section and finally out onto the road and across the big field to start your swooping descent down Shirburn Hill with the best view in the South spread out in front of you. Well, if you've done the race you know all this so not get out next weekend and have a practice run. There's only 6 weekends left to train! See you on the 4th.

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